What is congress?

DISSENT 2019 is the latest installment of 50-year-old discussion. Starting as a student-organised pub crawl in Sydney in 1961, students have gathered to discuss about the future of the industry. We expanded soon after, evolving to a dome-building project Bucky Fuller in Australia, and since then we have thrown our events back and forth between Australia and New Zealand. In 2017 the AGENCY Congress took place in Sydney, inviting participants and speakers to discuss this theme over their congress. This year, back in New Zealand, we are set to embark on an event discussing the theme of DISSENT and political activism in architecture in the city of Christchurch. Congress has been the start of national student movements, of major architecture projects and of prominent studios - as well lifelong friendships between our network of students and graduates.

Who are we?

The ASAC congresses have traditionally been organized by volunteers, and this year is no different. We have a dedicated group here in New Zealand, in each of Aotearoa’s three major cities – Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch, as well as a host of supportive volunteers in Australia.

How are we run?

We are a committee of architecture enthusiasts – students and recent grads - who, each bringing a diverse set of interests and skills to the table. Organization for the congress began in the early days of 2018, and has only gathered momentum in the year since.

How are we funded?

We are students working on a purely volunteer basis. We have been extraordinarily lucky to benefit from the sponsorship and donation of practices, partners, and companies all with an interest in the betterment of our industry. Sponsorship operates through a dedicated charitable trust, established purely for investment in this congress, and those which might follow on from it.

Where is it?

DISSENT will take place in Christchurch, New Zealand. A city rich in history, and in a state of urban and architectural transformation. This congress will seek to inhabit, negotiate, and understand the changing, and the permanent tapestry of the city over the event’s duration.

When is it?

DISSENT will have its opening ceremony on the 1st of October, 2019, and continue until the 5th.

Any other questions?

Please click on the contact link here, or get in touch via any of our other social media platforms linked below.

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